Mission Statement

Our mission at Adventures In Growing is to copartner with you to give your child the best possible start in life, to meet the needs of your child emotionally, physically and intellectually.

When you enroll your child in Adventures in Growing please understand you and your child will very quickly become a part of our family. Therefore, our job is to work together in creating an environment that meets the needs of all concerned.

When in a loving and caring environment your child will feel secure and safe and will grow in self confidence with a positive outlook on life. We will provide just such an atmosphere.

I do not believe that care-givers are just “babysitters”. We are on the floor loving, playing, and teaching your child. Regardless of how much work we put into teaching your children, we are always inspired by how much they learn from each other. Children learn through play, and that is how we approach teaching the children.

There are rules and regulations to ensure the safety or your child. If you have specific rules your child must follow at your home, please inform me of them and I will make every attempt to ensure I reinforce them here.


Trish is happily married to her husband Dave and they are the proud parents of two adult children, Kathleen and Chris.


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